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Aerification Technology for Athletic Fields

Stadiums, sports complexes, schools, and parks & recreation fields – Turf Time West has a solution!

  • Deeper
    Root Growth

    The deeper the root growth, the healthier the turf

  • Increased Drainage

    Allows for healthy roots

  • Gentle

    Professional equipment with turf tires to protect your fields

  • Healthier
    Greener Turf

    Not only will your field look better, but it will play better, too!

Sports Turf Aerification

Drill and Fill Aerification Improves Drainage

From stadiums, to sports complexes, schools and city parks & recreation fields, Turf Time West’s deep drill & fill aerification process will relieve compaction, promote deeper root growth and increase drainage. The condition of turf largely depends on the events occurring below the surface. For grass to grow, deep healthy roots are needed, and roots demand oxygen. In good soil, they receive oxygen from tiny pockets of air trapped between soil and sand particles. The everyday traffic from players combined with the weight of heavy equipment causes the soil to become compacted, and the air pockets on which the roots depend for oxygen are lost.

Drill and fill aerification is a mechanical process that creates more air space in the soil and promotes deeper rooting, water drainage and compaction relief while purging toxic gases. This creates enhanced water infiltration and drainage, placing sand channels through the top 8” of root zone to permanently amend the soil. 25 tons of sand will cover 1 acre of turf with 1-¼” drill bits.

Easy Cleanup

Deep Drill Aerification Relieves Compaction

The “gentle footprint” of the deep drill aerifier, in conjunction with the absence of cyclic vibration and the “straight in, straight out” action of the drill bits, gives this machine the capability of aerifying fields that are wet, dry or experiencing periods of high stress. The deep drill aerifier is also excellent for use in all problem areas because the rotating drill bits will penetrate subsoil areas, where other machines tend to walk or bounce, often causing trauma to the playing surface.

Wiedenmann Aerifiers

Deep Tine Aerification for Athletic Fields

Safer playing conditions depend on noncompacted soil. Our Wiedenmann aerifiers use coring and solid tines, with multiple options for compacted soil.

Easy Cleanup

Root Pruner
Prevent Enroachment

Nasty roots wrecking the playing field? Our Imants Root Pruner can decompact tight, narrow areas and prevent root encroachment. It has the ability to go up to 10” deep and cuts roots up to 5” in diameter, all with an easy clean up!

Firm in One Pass

Graden Sand Contour
Ideal for Sports Turf

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